International Energy Investment

Established by Harmonia Capital, Harmonia Petroleum is a wholly-localized U.S. certified oil and gas exploration & production company. As the very first investment of North American shale oil fields with full service of operation and complete-industry-chain management led by private capital in China. In 2013, Harmonia Petroleum acquired Howard Borden Oil & Gas Field, which is located in western Texas. The field’s recoverable oil & gas reserve is 60 million barrels, which has market value over $1.8 billion USD.

仁和石油是仁和智本组建的全本地化运作的美国注册油气资源勘探开发公司,是第一个中国民营资本主导的全作业模式、全产业链管理的北美页岩油领域的投资,开创了中国资本投资海外能源的新篇章。仁和石油在2013年收购了位于德克萨斯州西部的Howard Borden油气田区块,预计该区块可采油气储量高达6000万桶,总价值逾18亿美元。