Harmonia Capital created property acquisition funds with the goal of low risk level and high yield compared to competitors. Harmonia will use leveraging as needed to take advantage of opportunities, and utilize rigorous project screening and professional post-investment management evaluation. By the end of 2016, Harmonia Capital USA has invested in multi-family properties with almost 2500 apartments and asserts.



The student housing industry is a worthwhile addition to any diversified institutional real estate portfolio. With attractive returns, strong demand, and counter-cyclical performance versus the economy, student housing is a strategic asset class among investors, both domestically and internationally. Combined with student status, locations, apartment management and other factors, Harmonia Capital focusing on seeking undervalued and truly growing student housing projects in the marketplace for investors to meet the growing domestic and international student needs and provide better valuse-added services.



Harmonia Capital captures key profit margins of overseas real estate through its deep understanding of the industry-value-chain. It collaborates with top local partners to fully participate in the entire operation and management of real estate developments, in order to maximize the profit while minimize risks. As of today, Harmonia Capital USA has launched development projects such as Waterfront Resort in Flushing, New York. In addition to its current developing projects of $100 million USD, Harmonia Capital USA forecasts a 2016 developing plan in New York, Texas, California totaling over $300 million USD.