Harmonia Capital, a new-generation investment bank and asset management institution in China, is headquartered in Shanghai and Hangzhou and also has branches in New York and Houston in the United States.

Currently, the main businesses of Harmonia Capital include private equity, priority industries investments, financial innovation services, open market investments and global asset management. Harmonia Capital is equipped with specialized investment teams that have produced lots of successful cases in more than 15 subdivided industries or sectors, such as real estate, manufacture, artwork, agriculture, equipment, materials, chemical engineering, energy, city construction, environmental protection, and online financing.
Based in China yet with a global vision, Harmonia Capital manages many funds in RMB, and USD and has contributed a total of nearly 30 billion RMB, or 4.4 billion USD. By operating systematically and grasping systemic investment opportunities, Harmonia Capital has invested in nearly 50 enterprises.

Harmonia Capital is continuously deepening its international development strategy by building up a well-established and orderly-expanding development pattern of business in and out of China, respectively with its focus on Shanghai and the United States. Founded in 2011, Harmonia Capital USA has successfully distributed its assets into U.S. agriculture, immigration, oil and gas industry and real estate markets.

Harmonia Capital USA, Inc. operates in four different sectors of business, including real estate investment, hedge fund, private equity fund and immigration investment and has its own investment immigration (EB-5) regional center. Harmonia Capital has been pioneering the trend of global investments among large groups of Chinese investors by providing various international financial solutions and services which help customers manage wealth, seize competitive gains, hedge against economic risks and support high-net-worth individuals at facilitating family settlement abroad.

Harmonia Capital is a member of IIUSA (Invest in USA, the industry trade group for Regional Centers), and is an active player in the EB-5 arena. Many of Harmonia Capital’s clients are EB-5 investors seeking permanent residency in the U.S. through a qualifying investment project. In 2014, Texas Secretary of State filed the certification of Harmonia Regional Center. Moreover, Harmonia Regional Center New York was filed late in 2015, serving the Great New York area.

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Harmonia Capital USA aims to provide high-value investment opportunities that serve the needs of both Chinese and American high-net-worth investors. Through partnerships and co-investments with local firms and individuals who have proven track records, Harmonia Capital is seeking stable returns for investors consistent with well-managed risk.


仁和智本是中国新一代投资银行及资产管理机构。总部位于中国上海和杭州,并在美国纽约、休斯顿等地设有分支机构。目前,集团的国内业务区域以上海为中心,辐射全国;海外业务以美国为腹地,映射全球,构建了仁和智本国内业务稳健成熟和海外业务有序发展之格局。 截止2016年底,集团累计资产管理规模超300亿元(约4.4亿美元),并创造了优异的投资业绩。仁和智本(美国)是上海仁和智本的全资子公司。




Core Value 核心价值


A moral requisite that we require of ourselves.



How the company and its members relate to the other people, institutions and the society.



Creating long term value through customer service and performance.




Core values rooted in the company and its members, and we uphold it when doing our business.