UntitledSince the establishment of Harmonia Capital, we have positioned ourselves as part of a new generation of Chinese asset managers and investment bankers. The global economic crisis of 2008 exposed fundamental weaknesses in international financial institutions characterized by excessive greed. We now question whether the Western financial systems, which used to be regarded as the industry standard, are in a fragmented state. If the answer is yes, how then should we proceed?

In building Harmonia Capital we address this question through our name HARMONIA, which encompasses the concept of BENEVOLENCEHARMONYWISDOM and PRINCIPLE. It symbolizes our attitude towards the individual, the organization and society at large.As a company we abide by these core values to be an innovative, courageous but commercially conservative organization. Our strategy is to:

1.Make contribution to society through creating value for customers
2.Ensure sustainable growth through prudent risk management
3.Achieve success through leadership and cooperation

As a financial institution, our goal is to create sustainable returns and generate stable income for our stakeholders and customers. The market is characterized by difficulties associated with Chinese way of practices. However, we are optimistic that Harmonia Capital, through its motivation to be independent and unencumbered by legacy practices, will be successful as one of China’s new generation of financial institutions. Our goal is to tap into the vast economic potential of our wonderful country and we look forward to working together with business partners, colleagues, and clients, equally.

仁和智本诞生之时,我们将自己定位为中国本土的新一代投行与资产管理机构。 由于2008年金融危机的深远影响,曾经是新世纪经济发展核心推动力的全球金融体系备受质疑, 曾经被视为英雄与精英的国际银行家们变成了贪婪的代名词。 如果被我们视作前进方向的欧美金融体系都像是建立在沙土之上,那我们这样原创金融机构的奋斗又将何去何从?
带着对这个问题的思索,我们开始建设“仁和智本”。 仁和智本是我们这个组织的名称与品牌,更是我们对于个人、组织、社会、现代金融、价值观的基本态度。
从仁、和、智、本出发,我们希望公司是一批有理想、有勇气的商业保守主义者共同奋斗发展的组织平台。 对于这个平台的经营我们坚持以下原则:
作为一个提供金融服务的商业组织,我们相信只有我们的组织持续盈利,为股东与客户创造收益与价值,它才有存在的必要。中国金融业正从封闭走向开放,单一走向多元,创新与发展空间无比巨大。 作为原创的本土金融机构,发展一定不会一帆风顺,制度的变迁、市场的进程一定充满了中国特色的困难。 但是只要我们在尊重社会现实的前提下,坚持独立的精神与创新的基因, 我们就有可能在这片创造了无数经济奇迹的土地上创造出真正的新一代金融机构, 我们将此作为理想,与诸位同仁、客户和同业互勉。